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MAY 2014Simple Home Based Business is what first grabbed my attention when I first discovered my current home based business.

“Own your own online Home Based Business in Personal Development with flexible working hours, no deadlines, no targets, no peak hour traffic or office politics!”

Some of you reading this may already be entrepreneurial and running your own simple business from home, maybe some of you are considering the idea like I did and some of you are totally comfortable in your job.

For me, I wanted what the email web link and website described;

  • Flexible working hours
  • No deadlines
  • No targets
  • No peak hour traffic
  • No office politics

Suffice to say there was not much hesitation to get started on my journey. Took me about two weeks to officially sign the dotted line and find the funds to get going, along with my husband, Craig committing support too.

Where my story is going is a warning to all of you in the group considering the idea to start a simple home-based business, …

  • Please listen to the “simple” instructions
  • Please follow the “simple” business plan
  • Please do not go out and reinvent the wheel before you start cranking people through to your simple home business opportunity presentations!!

This has been my hard lesson when I decided to start a simple home business. It wasn’t like I wasn’t constantly warned of this either!

I keep stressing the ‘simple’ for a reason here.

It is fine to go out and design websites and write awesome blogs, make loads of passive followers on Facebook and spend hours interacting with your social media. Thing is though, eventually you notice how time slips away and your livelihood too.

  • Are you speaking to many people every day or is your inbox full of SPAM from all the platforms you’re juggling?
  • How many direct marketing ads did you really place today?
  • Are you consistently marketing or are you simply shuffling paper or jumping from one pretty Facebook quote to an awesome meme on Instagram?
  • Maybe 30 minutes just slipped you by when you were daydreaming and pinning your dream house ideas on Pinterest? (Procrastination!)
  • How many times have you spent hours listening to a ‘guru’ tell you how to do something or almost decided to try something else or better still, started to try another business and fell into the no-time trap? (Denial)
  • Do you feel resentment in you? Feel like there’s no one to help, you’re on your own? Ready to blame everyone outside of you for the lack of results thus far?

It just dawned on me how inconsistent and lacking in discipline I have been as a simple online business entrepreneur. It has hurt my cash flow so hard and my ego and spirit to boot. The other point I have noted is the realization that I totally missed the point with simple. I misinterpreted the simple steps to get started and got carried away with all my ego creation in the marketplace! (self promotion!)

If this blog sends a message to anyone reading who is considering a simple business from home, treat it with discipline and actually follow the simple steps the successful people before you did, the ones that didn’t quit after 6 months to a year. Do the boring, mundane, sometimes frustrating, sometimes confronting and uncomfortable actions first. Create your first six-figure income (in the bank!) and then carry the flame to the more creative stuff. Also, thank me for it when you do!

The thing is, all the training and guidance in a business like the one I’m doing is there, in your hands. It’s a business in a box!! Simple step-by-step process, doable one step at a time!!

For those of you like me who also took to reinventing the wheel, which caused you to stop start, doubt, back away, cry in the cupboard, almost give it up – There is a re-start button and if you just find that said discipline your ego dodged in the above mentioned paragraph, you can join with me in choosing the high road and re-doing the hard yards, yet simple steps to success.

I have the awesome community and my discipline, my purpose to keep re-listening to the provided trainings, to take part in the community and just keep plugging in, eventually the simple has sunk in!

Maybe I’ll be handing you a flyer in the street tomorrow? If I do, and you are reading this, do comment below, may just prove my point here about simple marketing.  Or, if you’re looking for an opportunity and your ready to learn the simple discipline and consistency for success… well, you’re in the right place to contact me to learn more 😉

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  1. Enthusiasm can be both a great asset and a great distraction. All of those experiences build a foundation that will serve you and others. Keep after it and thanks for sharing.

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