Realising Your Purpose & The Law of Attraction

Last Saturday night I spent the evening watching a Dr. Wayne Dyer movie about finding your purpose, (You know, when you pop into You Tube search for a little life’s purpose inspiration – Must be the New Moon in Aries speaking to me!) Here’s the link The Secret & The Law of Attraction The Shift by Wayne Dyer  (allow 2 hours to view, 2 hours well spent in my opinion!)

It confirmed for me that I am on my own similar spiritual journey to the characters in the film, and it began when I found this business, my business Dream Evolve Inspire, via a link that I was guided to enquire about.  At the time I didn’t realize the path I was about to take, all I knew was that I was sick and tired of my life as it was.

My marriage was teetering on self-destruction, we were so unhappy, unfulfilled, victims of our circumstances among many things.  Something had to change and I saw this as an opportunity to create it.

It has taken two years to truly realise the rock I have been living under, to move out from under it. To see and recognise that things happen for a reason, to teach us lessons, awaken us to a new way of thinking.  A life’s journey and purpose is a constant.

It hasn’t been an easy ride, or initially gone as I thought it would. What I can say, is that I have and am still on a journey of self-discovery that I can now look back on and look forward to with a newfound gratitude.  This is my new way of life and I’m embracing it!

If I can awaken others who feel “stuck”, desire freedom from their negative thinking, maybe even want to give to the world in their own special way, shine their light, find their purpose and passions in life then I am fulfilling my purpose.

I Am Enough - Shine My Light
I Am Enough – Shine My Light

There are many people out there spreading this light, I keep meeting them online, on the yoga mat, at networking events, in my business and there is so much room in the world for us all to unite.  Together we can be the change we want to see in the world, create our own lifestyle by our own design for ourselves.

This I know for sure.  I am in the right place and if you are ready to propel your own journey forward, let’s connect and see where it takes us!

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3 thoughts on “Realising Your Purpose & The Law of Attraction

  1. Hi Robyn, found you via Facebook Weekly Blog post group.

    Enjoyable read. That voyage of discover is about the journey for me. The things you go through, bad and good, even stop and admire the view along the way, this is what it has always been for me. If the things I did and went through never happened I would be in a totally different place now. It might be better, it might have been worse or similar.

    It indeed is about the journey for me.

    1. Appreciate your commenting and introducing yourself Gina. You are so blessed to have always seen the light that is your journey.
      For me it has taken a few life-changing events to “wake me up”, kind of like the characters in the movie! I love knowing what I do know and being able to hone my skills to acknowledgement.
      You are so right, life is about the journey, the good, the bad and the totally joyous parts. Here’s to your journey Gina and thank you for being here!

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