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At the Gala Event while Cruising South East Asia in February 2014
At the Gala Event while Cruising South East Asia in February 2014

Robyn:  Born & bred in the West of Melbourne, Australia, I am the eldest of two. I spent a year as a Foreign Exchange Student in Wisconsin, USA in 1993/94 which opened up my world and that of my family, it also got me out of my introverted shell. A Dreamer from way back, around about the time I met Craig in 2004 I had my eyes on a Worldly, Exciting, Colourful life. In November 2007, I was diagnosed with the chronic illness, Multiple Sclerosis (MS).   MS diagnosis supercharged a shift, depression, job changes, 10 week vacations around the world, a re-think on life’s purpose. It was after becoming a mother in 2010, that I found myself constantly looking for ways of being able to stay at home & earn an income in order to better create this life of my Dreams. An Evolution of my life experiences have all led to my personal vision to, Inspire Myself daily & in turn Inspire Others” . I particularly aim to Inspire those who feel a deep desire to SQUASH their limiting beliefs that have been holding them back on following through on their Dreams.  It can be done – I’m living proof of it!


June 2016 – Fulfilling a life long Dream of visiting the Greenwich (Prime) Meridian in London

Craig:   Through childhood I was pretty creative, obedient and conformed. School is a neat plan for 12 odd years. No one really needs to think what the next step is. Leaving school is a different story. I listened to others advice and guidance – as you do. Over time, I found life to be limiting and restricting. In 1997 I first found out about personal development. I knew there was something in it, but did not know how to apply it. I have read many books and purchased a number of courses. I finally figured out that the value in personal development lies in its application and finding your own truth around concepts. My growth has accelerated in recent times as I have immersed myself in this field. The extraordinary gift of personal development is that it keeps giving back. Only recently, for example I discovered a massive blind spot and limitation I have around the simple word of “Goals” and “Goal Setting”. Ultimately my passion lies in either introducing or assisting people in personal development. The beauty of this field is that it transverses all business, cultures, nationalities etc… We are all dealing with stuff. Let us chat. What would it mean to you to influence your current situation by purely changing your perspective?





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