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Robyn & Craig Ellis from Dream Evolve Inspire

We are all dealing with stuff in life. Life has this unique ability to throw things (adversity) at us, particularly when we least expect or require it. Even if you do nothing, things happen! In our younger years, we resisted this, fought against it, went down the road of “why me” and attempted to change our circumstances to avoid it. As life wears us down, we tend to accept things and “roll with the punches”. “That is life” and “This is my destiny” are sayings that come to mind.

I first found out about personal development in 1997 and introduced Robyn to it in 2004. Over the years we have both found value in this field and in recent times have accelerated our learning and passion for it.

The reality is that life happens to all of us. How we respond to it is what separates us. In addition, it is also possible to “influence” life so that we encounter more favourable circumstances.

We have various products, courses and events that dive into this, including a “coaching” aspect. The “coaching” is actually one of independence as opposed to a dependent style of coaching where the results you obtain become associated with the coach’s involvement.

It is possible to change your circumstances and reality. The thing is that YOU need to believe it is possible!

Reach out and contact us. We are firstly here to determine if our products may be able to assist you. We can then take it from there if you so choose.


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Craig and Robyn Ellis

Dream Evolve Inspire